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Our Responsibility

We perform meticulous checks and our speedy packers are empowered to discard fresh produce with any imperfection before delivery.

Nonetheless, we humbly wish that you would recognise that these are all-natural fruits and on rare occasions, you may find a few bad fruits smartly hidden behind their friends. Other times, some of these fellows are rotten at the core, and being real good with masking their black heart makes them invisible to us too :( If only we can see if their hearts are made of gold or not.. If you happen to spot them, please contact us immediately at 9009 6359 with an image of this awful fellow to let us work our magic and replace them at your next delivery.

While we endeavour to bring quality fresh produce to our customers' doorstep, we are unable to tailor to the individual taste preferences of customers. Also, we encourage our customers to exercise discretion regarding the ripeness of our produce before cutting or opening them. Please do not be shy to contact us if you are unsure whether your fruits are ripe or in good condition. We will be happy to advise. 😊

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