Eat Fresh Ultimate Duo Fruit Box


Eat Fresh SG

Best the of both worlds! Get both of our Premium & Standard Fruit Boxes & be amazed by the variety of fruits you'll receive. You'll definitely be spoiled for choice!

Will consist of at least 18 different fruits below according to availability:

1) USA Green Seedless Grapes
2) USA Red Seedless Grapes
3) Rockmelon 
4) Blueberry
5) Guava 2pcs
6) Gold NZ Kiwi 2pcs
7) Jumbo Sunkist Orange
8) Envy Apple 2pcs
9) USA Black Seedless Grapes
10) Passionfruit 2pcs
11) Thai Mango 2pcs
12) Banana 
13) Tangerine
14) NanShui Pear 2pcs
15) Fuji Apple 2pcs
16) Lemon 2pcs
17) Pomegranate 2pcs
18) Ya Pear 2pcs
19) Fragrant Pear 2pcs