Marinated Fresh Boneless Chicken Leg


Eat Fresh SG

Fresh boneless chicken leg marinated with premixed seasoning spices! Conveniently packed individual piece, just put 1 into your oven, pan fried or even air fry whenever you feel hungry and want a quick fix of delicious fresh food! Choose from a variation of 4 seasoning. All seasonings are without MSG, artificial flavoring and coloring!

1) Barbeque flavor - Similar taste of barbeque sauce served in western food eatery. Slightly more on the sweeter side. 1 of the top choice in our shop!

2) Black Pepper, Salt and Garlic - Typically used for steak or chicken chop. A classic taste that never goes wrong!

3) Cajun - Another classic served in western food eateries. Spices included are garlic, onion paprika, pepper. 

4) Caribbean herbs - This have a heavier herbs flavor. Another popular choice! 

All our meat will be marinated and go through the vacuum machine. During the vacuuming process, the pores' of the meat will open up and during the last step when the suction of air happens that is when the flavors will enter the meat as well. When we vacuum marinated meat, the flavors will go INTO the meat better!