Fresh Grouper Premium (Red) 新鲜红石斑鱼



红斑 Hong Ban (Mandarin), Ang Kao (Hokkien), Hong Sek Ban (Cantonese)

All fishes will be cleaned, gutted and vacuum sealed. 

(Culinary Profile)
Grouper’s buttery, mild-tasting flavour with its oil and moisture content, is simply one of the tastiest fish in
the ocean. Red Grouper is the most popular and prized fish within the Grouper family. It has a sweeter
undertone than black grouper and, with its auspicious red hue, coupled with its culinary attributes, is a
favourite amongst Chinese community for obvious reason. It’s unique texture, pearly white meat, is best
savoured steamed in Cantonese style. Served in a hearty fish soup, Red Grouper slices add a distinctive
dimension to a healthy and homely meal.