Eat Fresh Premium Fruit Box


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Eat Fresh Premium Fruit Box

Sending care to your loved ones? Want to try more exotic fruits? The Premium Fruit Box is here for you! Comprising fruits that are more exclusive than your everyday fruits, this Premium fruit box is sure to excite and spark conversation.

Will consist of the fruits below according to availability:

1) Ecuador Passionfruit 2pcs
2) USA Sugar Crunch Green Seedless Grapes
3) USA Sweet Celebration Seedless Grapes
4) Yellow Dragonfruit
5) HamiMelon
6) Blueberry
7) NZ Gold Kiwi 2pcs
8) Aus Naval Orange 2pcs
9) Envy Apple 2pcs
10) Thai Guava 2pcs
11) Sweet Pear 1pc

*Actual product may differ from illustrated photo