Fresh Sea Bass (Barramundi) 金目鲈



All fishes will be cleaned, gutted and vacuum sealed.

Sea bass also known as Barramundi, we are currently selling them in medium size (500-600), Large size (700-800g) and in Fillet (250g-300g).

(Culinary Profile)
The barramundi or Asian sea bass, is a firm fish with a superb sweet and buttery flavour. The lack of pin bones in the fillets gives a peace of mind is not lost on many. Though care must be taken when cooking, as it is a dense-fleshed fish that needs to be cooked through. The fish's mid-oil content helps to keep the flesh
moist while cooking, lending itself to a myriad of preparations. Steamed Sea Bass with black bean garlic sauce topped with fried shallots and coriander is an enduring culinary delight amongst many local seafood lovers. Filleted, seasoned and simply pan grilled with lemon and butter sauce is a restaurant-style dish at home in just minutes.