Eat Fresh Dengue Fruit Pack


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Eat Fresh Dengue Fruit Pack

In addition to dengue prevention measures that discourage the breeding of mosquitos, we can take more proactive steps that are on a more personal level.

This includes measures like strengthening our immunity for dengue prevention.

Citrus foods (like kiwis and oranges are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that help increase the production of white blood cells in our body. This helps to fight infections that come into our system (i.e fevers are often a sign that our body is fighting off a bacterial/viral infection)

We’ve also included Pomegranates as they are high in vitamin C, fibre and can easily be incorporated into meals. (Eat it as is, have it on salads, pomegranate juice, on desserts)

The Eat Fresh Dengue Fruit Pack consists of:

NZ Gold Kiwi (2pcs)
USA Jumbo Sunkist Orange (1pc)
Spain Pomegranate (1pc)
NZ Green Kiwi (2pcs)

*Also available for corporate/bulk quantities